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Unleash Easy Detangling & Clean Curls with Just for Me Curl Peace Ultimate Detangling Shampoo (12oz).

Just for Me Curl Peace Ultimate Detangling Shampoo 12 oz is what your kid's curls need for the softest lather and easy knot-free wash. This sulfate-free formula is formulated for children's curly, coiled, and natural hair.

✅ Sulfate-Free Cleansing Power: This shampoo delicately cleans the dirt, impurities, and product build-up without removing essential moisture or causing dryness.

✅ Detangling Dream: You can now say goodbye to those dreadful knots and snags! Infused with marshmallow root, this formula makes detangling easy as it adds slip. Your child's curls will be more convenient and rewarding to work with every time you comb them.

✅ The Perfect Amount of Slip: This shampoo provides just the right amount of slip, making detangling easier without weighing down your child's curls.

✅ Cocoa Butter & Raw Honey Power: The special formula blends Cocoa Butter with Raw Honey, which will nourish and hydrate dry, dehydrated hair. This infusion of natural ingredients helps restore moisture balance by making the curls soft, manageable, and healthy-looking.

✅ Safe & Gentle: This shampoo is infused with natural ingredients, excluding harsh chemicals such as parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, and petrolatum. It hasn’t been tested on animals. Be assured that you give your child's supple hair the soft touch it needs.

✅ High-Quality Ingredients: For Just for Me Curl Peace hair products, high-quality, naturally derivative ingredients supply superior results without irritation.

Make bath time easy and keep your little one's curls healthy and happy! With one click, "Just for Me Curl Peace Ultimate Detangling Shampoo" will immediately be added to your cart!

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