The SYN NAT BOHEMIAN CURL-MT1B/BG offers a convenient and stylish way to add texture and movement to your hair, creating effortless bohemian waves with a touch of classic flair. 

✅High-Quality Synthetic Fiber: Made with high-quality synthetic fiber for a realistic look and comfortable wear.

✅Secure Fit: Features combs and a drawstring for a secure and comfortable fit throughout the day.

✅Quick & Easy Styling: Pre-styled waves save you time and effort during the styling process. Simply attach the hairpiece and secure it for an instant bohemian look.

✅Lightweight Comfort: The lightweight design ensures all-day comfort, even for full-head styles.

✅Soft Touch & Natural Shine: The hair boasts a soft texture that feels pleasant against the scalp and has a natural shine for a realistic look.

✅Color: MT1B/BG - Off Black with Brown Highlights: This color combination off