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Adopt an effortless and versatile style with the delightful Vivica A. Fox HWF Fairy Wig. This fabulous headwrap wig boasts a stunning 21 inches of beautiful layered spiral curls impeccably made from innovative Futura fiber. It comes with a versatile gray scarf, which allows you to create as many looks as you wish.

21" Layered Spiral Curls for Show-Stopping Volume: Enjoy long, shiny waves! This wig features stunning layered spiral curls that cascade down your shoulders, adding volume and drama to your look.  

New Futura Fiber for Natural Look & Feel: Let your skin feel the newest synthetic fiber innovation. Each Futura fiber is designed to produce a natural product that is exceptionally soft, lightweight, and comfortable.

Versatile Gray Scarf for Endless Styling Options: A presented gray scarf enhances elegance and may inspire you to create a wide range of headwrap designs. The techniques are tempting: up high, down low, or with the addition of side stripes—the ways are endless.

1B (Black): This is a classic and versatile black shade. It complements a variety of skin tones and hair colors.

99J (Burgundy): This bold and dramatic burgundy color adds a touch of sass and personality to your look.

P4/27/30 (Honey Blonde & Light Auburn Blend): This color combination creates a natural and warm appearance with honey blonde and light auburn. It is famous for wigs because they mimic natural hair highlights.

Just relax and pick the Vivica A. Fox HWF-Fairy Wig. It's as easy as that, and it allows you to have opportunities without limits. Get your order today and feel the difference!

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