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The Sensationnel Butta Lace Unit 32 allows you to achieve a long hair appearance without effort.

New to wigs but desire lengthy, gorgeous hair? The Sensationnel Butta Lace Unit 32 brings dreams a reality. This scalp-friendly wig includes all your characteristics for a beautiful and natural-looking look.

With our amazing Sensationnel Butta Lace Unit 32, which is made to fascinate and inspire, experience splendor on a whole new level. Rich, heat-resistant synthetic fibers arranged in elegant spiral curls span 28 inches of this gorgeous wig, including V-shaped layers for extra length and bounce.

Effortless Growth & Quantity: Get instantly long, generous hair without waiting for it to grow. This 28-inch wig provides quick excitement and attractiveness to your appearance.

V-Shaped Layers for More Bounce: The V-shaped layers give the curls realistic dimension and motion, keeping them from seeming flat or weighted down.

Long-lasting Style with Minimum Maintenance: Synthetic fibers maintain their curl arrangement properly, reducing the need for everyday styling. Succeed with minimal attention and long-term curls.

Satisfied Naturally: This wig effortlessly maintains its gorgeous curls thanks to its premium synthetic fiber construction. Enjoy long-lasting style and the confidence that comes from natural perfection.

Step out bravely and show your lengthy, rich hair!  The Butta Lace Unit 32 provides a simple approach to get a stunning design. Grab it now!

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