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The Low-Maintenance Secret to Beautiful Waves: Butta Lace Unit 8 Sensationnel achieves an excellent combination of color, glamour, and ease of wear.

Looking for a decent, neat look without making any long-term commitments? Look no further than the Butta Lace Unit 8, designed by Sensationnel. This fantastic 13” lengthy wig has a shoulder-length bob hairstyle made of heat-resistant synthetic fiber for a natural look and feel. Innovative HD lace provides an almost invisible hairline for a beautiful, easy-to-maintain hairstyle.

Pre-Styled Wavy Bob for Effortless Style: This trendy bouncy bob is pre-styled, saving you the need to spend time styling your hair every day.

Human-Looking Hairline with Baby Hair: Enjoy the look of a natural hairline with total baby hair thickness and no need to style it with extra products, allowing you to get ready in no time!

Soft and Natural Feel for Luxurious Comfort: The superior-level synthetic fabric is soft and modern, meeting the expectations of your everyday style while providing long-lasting comfort.

Heat-resistant for Touch-Ups: The synthetic wig's wave effect has already been executed, but you can still experiment with the hair and touch up any loose hair to give it a more unique, professional look.

Explore the low-maintenance secret to gorgeous waves! Sensationnel's Butta Lace Unit 8 is a quick fix for anyone looking for stylish comfort throughout the day. Grab it now!

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